What is Pro Size ?

It’s honoring the uniqueness, elegance and beauty of women in all their sizes, shapes and style preferences. 

It’s designing a luxe 5XL robe that glides over and flatters the figure of a full-figured woman, with as much aesthetic consideration as the XS robe for the athletic woman who wants a soft and feminine flowy robe.​

Ellectives is an invitation to celebrate your womanhood and preferences in everything you wear.  

We design the clothes... You define them.

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Who we are ?

Ellectives is the first pro-size loungewear line for women of all shapes and sizes.​

We know that every woman’s body is unique and deserves to be catered to on an individual basis. For this reason, we custom-design each garment to perfectly fit and flatter your figure so you always look and feel like the best version of yourself.​

Founded by a self-taught fashion designer who realized the need for elegant loungewear after working from home as a consultant for several years, Ellectives is an invitation for women to live and dress as beautifully at home as they do to go out.​

We believe there’s a huge difference between “you can shop here” and “this was made with you in mind”.​

Each Ellectives piece is custom-made just for you

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Our Promise

Elegant, comfortable loungewear and daywear in premium fabrics custom-made for you and delivered to your door in 2 weeks.

Ellectives is the self-care you deserve. We believe a woman should feel elegant and relaxed in every garment she puts on her body- whether she’s going out or staying in.​

We design to fit you beautifully- whether you’re tall, petite, full-figured, hourglass shaped, a Large or 4XL.​

At Ellectives, we handle every aspect of design from the fabrics to the tailoring and engage with you directly to provide well-crafted pieces and excellent fit at a fraction of the typical cost of custom tailoring.​

Once you go the Ellectives way, you’ll never go back to basic.

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Our Philosophy

Here at Ellectives, we believe in NOT leaving any woman out of the fashion conversation.  

We do not believe in restricting the number of fabulous outfit choices available to a 5XL size woman or a tall woman and every woman who wants to look and feel elegant in her clothes.​

​In society today, women are often compared to impossible weight, size and beauty standards- why is a woman over XL called plus-size? Whose size are we comparing her to? Who created the standard? And why must we live by it?​

At Ellectives, we do not believe in this traditional “standard”. Your size is simply your size, your figure is simply your figure and your shape is simply your shape.​

A woman’s body is incredible and we want to help you honour yours at every size. We see every woman as valuable, magnificent and deserving of elegant, comfy clothes that reflect her uniqueness.

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See what people are saying!

OMG!!! The fabric the quality of craftsmanship is incredible! And it smells so good! I got the kaftan and matching headscarf. You could even wear it as a shawl. Now the kaftan is amazing!!!! It’s like i went for a personal fitting!!! It fits like a glove. I adore it and will be making more orders!!!

My robe is absolutely beautiful, I love it! And the seller worked closely with me, offering other products and special customization. It’s the perfect length! Would definitely recommend.

Ellectives does a beautiful job customizing to your specifications. I asked for 3\4 sleeves and pockets to be added, and gave my measurements. The robe is gorgeous and fits very well.

I am totally in love with my dress, it fits perfectly!! I am a plus size woman that is very top heavy, I explained that to Ellectives and they customized the dress exactly to my body! The fabric is awesome, the print exactly like the photo. I can't wait to wear it!! It is truly a statement piece!

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