5 Self-Care Tips for Women

  1. Get enough sleep
    7-8 hours of sleep daily will make you feel more refreshed and better prepared to take on the day. Treat your sleep schedule just as seriously as your work, family and social schedule.
  2. Read something positive or funny each day
    According to this survey by the American Psychological Association, over 50% of Americans say the news causes them stress. Instead of that, release endorphins when you read a funny story or uplifting book.
  3. Do something nice for someone else
    Compliment someone’s handbag. Pay for coffee for the next person in line. Smile at a stranger. Volunteer. Find someone who seems alone and let them know they’re not. Your acts of kindness make the world a better place… and you’ll feel pretty good yourself. 
  4. Schedule self-care time weekly
    Spend time out in nature for a few hours. Take a hot bath. Watch a good movie. Write in your gratitude journal. Or go get a massage or facial. Call the friend who encourages your dreams. Have some chocolate.
  5. Wear nicer clothes when you’re at home
    The confidence boost and elegance of dressing well shouldn’t be reserved for going out alone. Self-care involves treating your inner life as importantly as your outside life. Invest in your well-being by wearing loungewear that’s comfortable, chic and makes you look and feel great.

Is there a woman who hasn’t found herself wearing an old t-shirt or pyjamas no one else should ever see at 4pm on a Saturday?

The whole idea behind Ellectives is that sophistication shouldn’t be reserved for outside clothes alone. Women shouldn’t have to choose between being elegant and being comfortable or have to wear tired clothes at home because most brands are geared towards sleepwear, daywear or party wear.

You should be able to curate your loungewear closet with lovely clothes to wear at home that allow you to look and feel your best. That’s why we created Ellectives and our loungewear line to give you beautiful options you’ll be happy to wear daily.

At Ellectives, we realize that most women spend many hours at home each day and deserve to feel like their best selves at every moment, which is only achievable when you’re presented with options that are right for you.



What women are saying about our loungewear

Ellectives Loungewear comes in a range of designs and a vast array of vibrant colors to suit different style sensibilities. From silk kaftans to premium satin robes and embroidered kimonos, pant sets… there’s something for every woman.

Whether your taste is for simple yet refined styles or for more ornate dramatic designs, you will radiate elegance, style, a daily grace every time you wear your Ellectives pieces.

Each garment is custom-made to fit you perfectly, so you never have to worry about the length being too long or too short or the bust being too tight.


This journey is about women. It’s about self-care. It’s about giving ourselves the best we’ve got.


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