Self-care isn’t selfish!

By Swathy Sindhu

Loving yourself and choosing the best for you is never a luxury, it is simply a way to honour your body, mind and soul with the attention you deserve. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup and that couldn’t be truer. When you make yourself a priority, every action you perform and intention you set comes from a place of love and stability and causes positive ripples of impact.

Self-care can be anything from healing from your deepest insecurities and anxieties, to wearing a luxurious outfit that you feel good in like a vibrant, colorful dressing gown yes, it’s whatever you make of it! ​

Make sure to remind yourself that you’re worthy and deserving of relaxation and comfort, even when you might not feel like it.​

Below, we’ve gathered a few ways in which you can bring luxury and self-care into your everyday life in small, yet powerful ways.

Quality Sleep:

Your 8 hours of shut-eye are perhaps the easiest way to let yourself rest and recharge. But there’s a difference between a quality sleep routine and a mediocre one that leaves you groggy the next morning. To wind-down properly, create a ritual every evening that signals to your body that it’s time to break free from work, and flow into a state of relaxation. Slip into a smooth matching set that doubles as luxurious sleepwear, light a scented candle, do your skincare, make yourself a lavender tea and climb into bed with a book to let your mind drift into calmness and serenity.

Everyday moments of joy

Infusing self-care into your day could look like the rich cup of coffee you look forward to every morning, a solid hour of time with family before you take on the work day, a wholesome and hearty breakfast to fuel motivation, or donning your favorite silk robe that makes you feel like a queen. It could also look like sticking to work-life boundaries and spending quality time with friends and loved ones. Romanticize your everyday life and seek joy in the little things.

Feeling confident

Heading out can sometimes be daunting. “What do I wear, how do I look, am I overdressed, underdressed, what’s the weather like, what if it changes”, and a whole host of doubts and concerns that can get you worked up. ​

Our fool-proof outfit for when you can’t make up your mind is to easily elevate a simple tee and jeans combo by throwing on a lightweight cotton robe as a cover-up jacket, and pulling the look together with a statement belt. Wearing a bold lip and this fabulous outfit can go a long way in enhancing your mood and having a great time out. For a trip to the beach, pair your favorite strappy top and shorts with a statement kimono robe to make an easy switch from the water to the dinner table, and save yourself the hassle of elaborate outfit changes, and more time with your beach buddies.

Managing stress at the office

Self-care at the office can take many forms, from following the pomodoro technique to maximize productivity, setting boundaries with co-workers, taking a refreshing green-tea break or wearing a soft and comfortable, yet refined outfit featuring a silk robe to work. You probably can’t control your workday and constantly changing schedule but you can learn to keep yourself relaxed and calm to be able to tackle your tasks head-on.

Be a social butterfly

Whether you love the spotlight or have to drag yourself to the school play to show up for a loved one, you’re better equipped to handle a social situation if you look and feel your best. Make a great first impression to set the tone for the event – your outfit can really do this for you.​

A kimono robe is a sure conversation starter – “You look stunning, I love your style!” – and there you go, you’re the talk of the town. Self-care could also be in the form of nurturing friendships; perhaps a cute gift of a kimono robe set for the girlfriend that always has your back, with a matching design for you to wear. Or being there for her on her big day, with matching bridal robes for you and all of her best buds - whatever way you choose to show your love, make sure it’s grand because you deserve friendship, love and a touch of luxury to go with it.

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